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Avantha Foundation

Avantha Foundation is an Indian independent non-profit organisation. The objective of the Foundation is to address issues of critical importance to the nation. The Foundation has identified and works on two core areas– Reduction of malnutrition among children and Strengthening capacities for improved governance in urban local bodies.

The Foundation partners with a broad range of stakeholders including government, multilateral agencies and NGOs to implement action programs that create a long-term impact leading to policy level changes in favour of disadvantaged communities.

Undernutrition among children is a major challenge facing India today. The Foundation has pioneered several initiatives to demonstrate significant improvement in child nutrition through targeted advocacy and concrete sustainable solutions. These initiatives focus on improving nutrition during the first 1000 days in a child’s life.

The Foundation is also working to strengthen democratic governance in local bodies through institutional capacity building and citizen participation in small towns. It plans to broaden this agenda to include additional key issues with multiple levels of institutions and action research.

Avantha Foundation is headed by Ms. Yashashree Gurjar.
The organizational website is www.avanthafoundation.org