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As industrial plantations are not allowed in India, BILT has initiated farm forestry operations in several states. This programme is manned by experienced forestry professionals, and specifically focuses on marginal farmers with unproductive lands. These farmers are provided with high-yielding clones of pulpwood species, and are offered extension services and expert advice. In addition, the company facilitates long-term, tailor-made bank loans to needy farmers. The company also assures purchase of their pulpwood produce at a declared support price or market price, whichever is higher.

Besides securing a sustainable supply of raw material for BILT’s paper plants, the farm forestry programme has several social, economical and ecological benefits. It generates employment for the rural communities, converts non-performing assets into performing assets, and reduces the pressure on natural forests.

Apart from bringing about a sea change in the socio-economic fabric of these rural areas through productive use of marginal lands, the farm forestry programme has resulted in:

  soil and water conservation,
increased soil fertility due to addition of organic matter,
cleaner air, and
protection against natural calamities like storms and floods

To date, the company has brought over 30,000 hectares of fallow and wasteland under tree plantations, benefitting around 32,000-35,000 farmers.